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Innovative Technology

Passat Energy has developed a unique method for attaching the solar installation to existing roof structures, minimising roof penetrations. The solar panels are not secured using the traditional method of mechanical fasteners where holes are drilled in the roof to

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Reduction in Carbon Emissions

Photovoltaic (PV) technology has advanced to the extent that companies can become totally independent from the grid. The solution comprises arrays solar panels linked to an inverter that can be used to complement or replace the grid.

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Energy Savings

Depending on the size of the installation, energy savings can amount to 100% of the electricity bill. Payback is generally between five to six years. Passat Energy uses the latest technoogy to harness the benefits of photovoltaic technology.

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Alternative Energy Solutions

Alternative Energy Solutions

Passat Energy’s installations typical compromise 220kWp rooftop solar power plants of about 1 000 solar panels of 250W each. The solar panels are installed in arrays giving an output of about 55KW each. This will feeds into 100KW inverters installed in parallel,

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Passat Energy Installs Photovoltaic Energy Saving Solution For Eureka DIY

What our customers say:

Passat Energy reduced our monthly electricity bill by 25%

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Case Studies

Read more here about our latest projects we have completed and how we have saved our clients money using our unique and latest technology available.

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